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June 21, 2019

Steps to make your listing work for you

My Media Marketplace has put together some easy steps every lister can follow to prevent hiring from becoming more chore than reward.

Some of our more enthusiastic listers are so dedicated to their hirers having an exceptional stay that they over-promise…and then have to work too hard to meet expectations. They’re givers and sometimes givers swing too far into that giving activity.

So, first determine your goals

Are you listing primarily to earn money? For creating interest to support a sale? To grow this activity and create a bigger hire in the future? Then it’s important to recognise and feel good about how listing aligns with and supports these goals. By understanding your motivation well in advance, you will give yourself the best chance of meeting the goals first time… and onwards.

Maintain your listing standards

By ‘listing standards’ we mean the quality of your hire. What you offer on the website MUST match the delivery. The last thing you want is for a producer to arrive and be disappointed and feel that you have not delivered on your promise. Keep the property well maintained. Ensure the asset is in excellent condition and reflect the images and video you added to your listing. That way, both parties will be fully satisfied with the result.

Be prepared to support the hirer throughout the hire

The producer might ask you for additional support during the hire, with maintaining asset/location appearances, or say with an animal, they may ask for your help in making sure it does everything you have promised. Some basic support may be integral to the hire itself, but should the hirer ask for support that seems to be outside normal or set boundaries, you need to discuss it with My Media Marketplace and if appropriate, request an additional agreed fee.

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