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June 21, 2019

How to make the most of your listing

All producers want the best and most appropriate locations, assets and sound tracks for their production, and you of course want to get the best return on your listing.

So make every aspect of your listing bright, exciting and interesting and support it with strong, clear images and even a short video if you can. That way, you have the best chance of capturing media interest and gaining the best overall fee of course.

Once you have received an enquiry from a producer, be confident they would not be in touch unless they had a strong interest. They may want more information, or more images specific to their needs. They may want to see if a certain shoot time would suit you. Whatever the contact, their continued interest means they are serious about hiring your asset or location and you can start to negotiate the price you want for the hire.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind when creating your listing.

  1. Make sure your listing story is written in a bright, informative way and presents and the best features and benefits of the location or asset. Don’t ramble on…. be succinct and write confidently
  2. Only include quality images and video clips (smartphones are excellent to shoot these)
  3. Be ready for a hiring at any time, maintaining your property or asset in a condition that is reflected in your listing
  4. When a producer makes an enquiry, be positive, be friendly and be flexible. Remember, they are on a schedule and will select the property or asset that suits their schedule and budget
  5. If they ask for more information, be supportive and give them what they may require, but do it by adding the material or information to your listing. That way, you protect your privacy
  6. Only provide direct contact details after the hire is confirmed and all terms and conditions have agreed upon and only through the My Media Marketplace portal.

Use the tips above and you’re bound to have a great hire and receive a good fee in return.

As a hire approaches, the producers may have some last minute queries. Do you have full electrical power on site? Where can we park? How do I get there? How do I get a key for the space? How far to the nearest shopping centre? Put the hirer at ease by giving them all of the info they’ll need up front instead of making them wait until the last minute. This establishes trust right away and will most likely garner you a great review, and great reviews lead to more bookings.

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