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June 21, 2019

Features to get attention for your listing

My Media Marketplace is always looking for better ways to present your listing, all aimed at getting your asset or property noticed and receiving the best fee from every hire.


We focus on quality in every listing

First things first: Give extra attention to the most important areas of every listing you have. Write clean, concise copy. Be honest in every comment. Remember, the producer is looking for a location or asset that fits with their creative, not yours. Make sure your images are clear, bright and show the aspects that you describe. They will want to see the truth and an honest representation of what they may get if they agree with you to a hire.

And remember, you can add as many listings as you wish… all for FREE.

Pay attention to details

Once your asset or property is ready for a hire, re-check the details:

  • Stand back and critically review the condition
  • Make any repairs and ensure everything is cleaning reflects your listing
  • If anything changes with regard to the property (extensions, colour changes etc), take new images and video and write copy that reflects what you have done
  • If it’s an animal, make sure it is groomed and ready for the hire
  • If it’s an asset, make sure it is in prime working order and is unmarked.

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