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March 12, 2020

How to make money selling music online

In the bedrooms and backrooms of thousands of homes, young – and not so young – people are writing, playing and singing their own music to express their creative souls, and to see if they can build a career from the creative art they love. 

They paint pictures in their song and tell a story with their lyrics. They’re artists with a special sound, a creative talent or simply a passion for music itself.  

But whatever area of music they’re in, every artist craves the same thing: the chance to be heard. 

My Media Marketplace provides a FREE platform to promote your talents and market your music to the people who may help you become recognised. The people who will be willing to pay you to use your music. 

Whether you are a lyricist, a musician, a singer or a member of a band, here’s your opportunity to be heard, be recognised. 

By marketing your music on My Media Marketplace, you have proof that the original music is yours and that no-one can copy, plagiarise or steal your sound. It’s yours, and if someone wants to use it, they will have to pay you a fee. It could be the start of your career in music! 

Upload your music, tell your story, add video and images that will let producers know who you are.